Monday, January 02, 2012


It's been almost a year so it must be time to up date. The past year has been great! I rode in the WAM and have signed up again this year with my own team. "Just Cause" has many of the same faces as last year plus some new ones. I really have grown to love not only cycling, but fundraising for Make-a-Wish. As I get closer to retirement I think I want to spend more time doing both.

Vinnie is 1 year out of treatment and is doing great. He is a normal boy doing normal things.

Erin is also doing great. She has surrounded herself with good friends at school and she is turning into a young lady before our eyes.

Eddie. What can I say... he rules the house. We love him!

Amy has entered fundraising also. She and her friend Michelle walked the 1/2 marathon in Detroit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This coming year we are thinking about going down to Disney in January so she can walk down there in the 1/2 marathon. I have a great companion in life.

This next year looks to be just as fast paced and exciting as the last. I have a few goal including dropping 30 pounds and riding a total of 2,000 miles, the two go together like peas and carrots!

Friday, January 07, 2011


2010 year in review….

The year could not have been better. First off Vinnie finished his treatment and battle with cancer! His September treatment was his final and was just as anticlimactic as his first dose of chemo. I remember sitting there, when he got his first treatment, with Amy staring at him waiting for his hair to fall out. It happened along with the chubby cheeks and “Buda” belly. He is a remarkable young man. He took on this challenge like a real fighter. Since Vinnie has finished he has been doing great, he his growing gaining some weight and has a lot of energy.

Erin is also doing wonderful. She has adjusted to middle school and turning into a young lady. She is still dancing learning her “Jazz hands” and what not. She really seems to enjoy it, she has a few friends in class and it is a time for her, which is good. But as she get older I know there will be a problem. BOYS! I dread the day boy’s start coming around. She is funny, smart and well rounded person, of course boys will come around. I guess I need to get the guns ready. She really is a good kid. I could not be more proud.

Amy. What can I say. The last three years have been a test that many marriages fail, but not us. My job has an increased divorce rate plus a child with cancer. I knew we would make it. I love her and I know she loves me.

I rode in the MAW again and already have started to plan next year’s fundraisers. This is one of the few things I got out of the last three years that was positive. We have a great team and we participate in an incredible event. I cannot wait for the snow to melt so I can get out riding again.

Then there is Eddie. He is our newest member of the family. The kids have been hounding (no pun intended) for a dog and they finally broke me down. He really is a cute and puts a new spark in the house.

2011 can only get better. I will have 16 years on WFD and starting to look at retirement. It is 9 years away but the last 16 flew buy so I know it will be here before I know it.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Today is my Birthday

Well today is my birthday. I do not feel older, maybe a little, but all in all I feel just the same as I did say ten years ago. I think. I have to say that every once in a while I do say to myself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner in life?” Take riding in the WAM (Make-A-Wish 300 mile bike ride) for instance. I love it. I love raising the money, I love riding my bike to prepare for it and I love the event. But best of all is the friends I have met along the way. Sometimes I feel I missed out on the years everyone has rode before me.
There is so much I want to do with my life. Do I still have time? Or will I get done just some of the things. Some of my list will take winning the lottery, but other things are easy, so I have to just start doing them. I would give you the list but I would rather not. But I can tell you one thing, I want to travel more. Our trip to Yellowstone was amazing and I want to experience more with my family before things start to change.
I have a good life. I love my wife and my kids and love my job. So where ever I am, I’m pretty happy. That’s a good thing. But it is my wife that keeps all this together for me. She was the one that kept me focused in college. She would go and study on Friday night or on Saturday and say “I am going, you can come with me if you want.” Of course I went, because I wanted to be with her. All of my big goals I have been able to share with her and that is cool. Not many people start off so young together. We both had dreams of how we wanted our life to go and we talked about it with each other. What we found out is we wanted the same thing. That made it even better.
I am sure if she had it her way I would not be a firefighter. Not because she thinks it’s a bad job, but because of what the job may do to you. But I also know that she would never stop me. Why? Because I would be miserable doing anything else. And that would make me unhappy at home and then we as a couple would not be happy. She gets up with me every morning and gives me a hug and kiss and says” I love you…be careful” as I head off. That’s the best part of the day.
I used to tell her about every run I went on. Sure, when you first start the little runs are a big deal no matter how trivial they may be. But as you spend more time on the job things change. Don’t get me wrong, I try my best to give 100% on every run but there are some that I would rather forget, let alone tell her and have her thinking about what I saw. She would worry if I was handling it. I have to say the stress of the job does not stay with me. Some things just piss you off, some make you glad you took the job and that’s why I do it.
Raising 2 kids is a much bigger challenge that trying not to get mad a drunken guy who just puked on your boots then calls you the asshole. With that being said, Amy is much better at her job than I. She decided to stay home with the kids. She does an excellent job. She keeps our kids on track with their lives and because of that we have two great kids. There was a time when I truly thought I was going to be laid off and she had no problem going back to work, knowing that she would have to leave the kids. This was the hardest thing for me to do, not because I thought she would say no, but because I knew she would say yes. For me, I feel it is the man’s job as the husband to provide for his family. Now this is not a chauvinistic remark, it’s just how I feel. I truly believe Amy and anyone who stays home to raise children have the most important job there is. It hurt to know that my place in the world might change. But when Amy did this she showed how much she loved her family.
I know Amy and I are it. We have been together 20 years, we have seen it all together that it would not feel right to know that she was not part of my life. We were two kids when we met with our whole life ahead of us and soon after we started dating I knew she was it. I felt my life had started and I wanted it to finish with her every step of the way.
If I was to check out today I would be pissed. I have a lot more to do. That’s why getting old sucks, it just happens too fast. I know I am only 38 years old this year, but damn… 38! I can remember the first day on the fire department like it was yesterday and that was 14 years ago. We are having our 20 high school reunion this year. Twenty years! Where has the time gone?
There are things that just going to take time. Like walking Erin down the aisle, watching Vinnie grow up to be a young man and start the life that he deserves. But most of all growing old with Amy, traveling and laughing at the stupid stuff that it seems only we get.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Make-A-Wish Trip

This is a small clip of our trip to Disney. There were so many people involved in this trip that made it so unbelievable. Amy mentioned them all in our cargepage so please read it so they all my get the thanks they deserve. I on the other hand am better at showing you in video form so here it is the short version. If you would like to see the directors cut, which is eight and half minutes long you will have to come over and see it. Thanks for looking and all your support.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


It's all about Erin

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Take me out the the ball game....

It was a great day to go to the game! We left early and went to layfatte coney island then next store to American coney island. The when we we got to the ballpark we watched batting practice and got a ball! The Vinnie saw Craig Monroe and we asked for his autograph! Vinnies day was almost complete, he still needed a hot dog from the ballpark to see which one was best. He said that American Coney had the best because they had good "snap"! I like the ones at the ballpark, steamed to perfection! All in all it was a good night

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Thanks to all

I just want to post that the riding is getting easier and with the help of the new video posted to the left it will remind me why I am doing it. The first guy in the video, Tom, is one of the guys I am riding with. His son ended his treatment the same month as Vinnie started. He was also treated by the same doctors. There will be a silent mile at the end of the trip. Anyone that is riding that knows someone that lost the fight to cancer can have there name and picture placed along side the road in memory of them.

On the lighter side Vinnie had his first game tonight and he did excellent. he got on base both times he was up. For a little kids he has a good under standing of the game, he even made an out! If anyone want to come out to the old ballpark please give us a call it is a lot of fun.

Take care,

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